Meet the Artist

Keith (a.k.a. KW Monster) has been doodling for longer than he can remember. As a means of distracting young Keith from the joys he found in tormenting the dog, his mama taught him to grasp a pencil and scratch it across a piece of paper. He began scrawling sinister images across walls, on school books, library books, and whatever else just happened to be laying around.

Keith never went to art school; he learned by staring for long uncomfortable amounts of time at the works of his favorite artists: Al Capp, Wally Wood, and the guy who drew Baby Huey. He also loves old pulp art of the 40s and 50s. Keith's other hobbies include film, writing and recording music, and entering and winning Handsomest Man Alive contests.

Get Keith to illustrate, paint or sculpt something for you HERE.